What is and where is the N2 Innovation District? 

N-Squared Corridor

N-Squared Innovation District

The N2 Innovation District is an area of roughly 500 acres along the Newton-Needham line that includes two office parks and adjacent commercial streets. The N2 District loosely stretches from I-95 and Highland Ave. in Needham to Newton Highlands, Wells Avenue and Echo Bridge in Newton. We are already home to many innovation economy sector businesses as well as educational institutions, recreational areas, restaurants, pubs, hotels and retail shops. But there’s still a lot of room — at a diverse mix of price points — for companies of all sizes to grow and expand here.

Is that where TripAdvisor is building its corporate headquarters?

Yes! Here’s a company that knows more about the best locations on the planet than anyone else and they’ve chosen to build their marquee office building in the N2 District. PTC, which specializes in 2D & 3D design software and product lifecycle management, also has its world headquarters here. So does Turbine Inc., the on-line gaming company. Recently, a number of companies in the bio-tech field have moved or announced plans to move to the N2 District.

I thought Kendall Square and the Boston Innovation District were the cool places to be. Why would someone want to locate in Newton or Needham? 

Kendall and the Seaport District are great locations for startups, young companies and a handful of big established players. But once these start-ups begin growing and bringing their products to market, many companies find inner suburban communities like Newton and Needham attractive because they offer more affordable rents, less gridlock and are great places to raise a family, while still being close enough to enjoy all the benefits of Boston.

Who is behind this effort?

The N2 Innovation District project is a private-public collaboration between the Newton-Needham Chamber and its member businesses along with the City of Newton and Town of Needham. Our N2 Innovation District Task Force includes local entrepreneurs, large and small businesses, educators, marketers, property owners, brokers, non-profit leaders and economic development experts. Greg Reibman, president of the Chamber, chairs the Task Force.

What does the Task Force do?

We focus on six areas: strategic planning, marketing, networking, education, advocacy and technical assistance. Our objective is to promote economic development. That requires doing many things at the same time. We collaborate with state and local officials on policy and infrastructure. We work to connect developers and property owners with prospective tenants. We help connect companies with municipal officials who can assist with permitting. And we hold dozens of networking and educational events to foster a vibrant community here.

How can I get involved?

If your company is not a member of the Newton-Needham Chamber, please join today. Dues are structured on a sliding scale, based on the size of your company. Your membership covers our overhead but gives us the clout we need as we advocate on behalf of our entrepreneurialcommunity. Also, make sure you are on our email list so you can stay up to date on our events.

Sign up and learn more at www.N2Corridor.com or call 617-244-5300 or email info@nnchamber.com